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Covid 19: What goes down must come up, prepare for the rebound

As venture capital and private equity firms are looking to allocate and reallocate capital to your portfolio companies, are you also coaching them on cost optimization? If so, cost optimization isn’t about cost reduction rather it is about sustained improvements in business processes, productivity, time to market, etc. The COVID-19 pandemic poses a major challenge in the short run, but it also offers the opportunity to transform an organization’s sales and partner go to market strategy. No more excuses about not having time. We have time, and it can be used more wisely than it has been. Investing in better products, services and go to market resources will put you on the path to higher revenues when potential and current customers re-emerge. Per Gartner Research, during this pandemic, a top priority for Sales leadership is to strengthen the organization’s competitive position. Choices made now can strengthen the sales force’s competitive position when the crisis subsides. The top priority is to invest in customer relationships and channel partnerships, so sales leaders should look to increase and reward loyalty from key stakeholders. In addition, they must find ways to help equip key customers, channel partners and suppliers to succeed during and immediately after the crisis. BD Methods offers fractional business development services for technology firms and can step in and fill the void for less cost than full time resources while maintaining channel sales momentum. This way, when the market rebounds, companies will be way ahead of their competition and poised for success. We will all get through this. Stay Healthy.

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