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Why BD Methods?
Because Over 60% of Channel Programs Fail!

Track Record Delivering 25-50% Increase in Topline Revenue 

Vast Network in IoT, Cyber Security, Enterprise Search and AI Markets

Part of Senior Management Team for 7 Exits 

"Eigen Innovations is a Canadian AI startup in the machine vision market. We engaged with BD Methods at the very beginning of our channel efforts to get us the right strategic partners to scale our business. We chose BD Methods based on a referral from Momenta Partners and their prior successful engagements with startups in a similar phase of growth. BD Methods is great to work with, Chip and David quickly became an extension to our team and the results of the engagement are very successful Partnerships in the OT SI (e.g. Integro), Hyperscaler (e.g. AWS) and Strategic Platform (e.g. Intel) categories."

Scott Everett, Co-founder and CEO, Eigen Innovations, Inc.

What We Do

BD Methods closes strategic partnerships for growth companies that will accelerate revenue and enhance their position for an exit event or fundraise.

Partner ROI Assessment

Before you hire a full-time Business Development Executive, BD Methods can help determine the ROI of a Partner Ecosystem and Program. During this phase, BD Methods and client determine and agree on a Partner Strategy and Plan. 

Impact: See inSkill, Axeda, iGT, Eigen Case Studies

Partner Strategy Test Market

BD Methods will test market the GTM strategy and plan with select partner types to justify further investment in the strategy and ultimately in the BD function.

Impact: See ZeroNorth, Intel, inSkill, Foghorn, Axeda, iGT, Attivio, Eigen Case Studies

Fractional Business Development

BD Methods can augment the BD function or be engaged as a full time BD team providing experienced resources that can be deployed immediately. 

  • Recruit

  • Enable

  • Manage

Impact: See ZeroNorth, PTC, Axeda, Intel, inSkill, Attivio, Foghorn, iGT, Siriux,  Black Kite, Eigen Case Studies

Strategic Partnership Execution

BD Methods will identify, prospect and close a select group of strategic partnerships that greatly increase the company's position in the market.  These partnerships will enhance the company's attractiveness to suitors and capital providers.

Impact: See Axeda and Attivio Case Studies

Sample Case Studies

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Case Studies


Intel logo.png

Wind River engaged with BD Methods to assess the channel go to market strategy for the new release of their IoT device management platform. BD Methods delivered a comprehensive assessment report that included market research and interviews with key stakeholders. The result was a comprehensive prioritized list of potential go to market partners and a recommended partner GTM plan to support Wind River’s business goals . Wind River extended the engagement for and BD Methods executed the GTM plan and recruited and engaged new partners including SI leaders Wipro and Atos who have built a combined pipeline of over $2.5 million of year 1 new subscription business.


Axeda needed to expand into Asia and leveraging partners was they way to do it. Hitachi needed to deliver an IoT and remote service stack offering to differentiate itself in the competitive Japanese market. The founders of BD Methods engaged and negotiated with Hitachi to license a private label version of the Axeda IoT platform. The deal had added complexity due to the requirement that data must stay in country. The result was the creation of a data center in Tokyo. The impact of the strategic partnership was a $6.8 million 3 year commitment to license Axeda and increased market share and global presence.

Acquired by 


PTC needed to assess it partner program strategy as they entered the IoT market. The founders of BD Methods  revised the partner strategy which included an OEM program for IoT solutions. Intel was entering the IoT market and they saw it as an opportunity to leverage and upsell their existing customer base with technology that would drive the sale of connected devices and gateways. Their software subsidiary, Wind River, was able to provide a device management platform by licensing a private label version of the ThingWorx platform.  The founders of BD Methods negotiated an OEM deal with an impact of a $3 million commitment for 18 months with the platform being a key component in Intel’s IoT reference architecture.

Dele Health Logo.jpeg

Dele Health Tech, a Norwegian based IOT technology start up, hired BD Methods to provide its Partner ROI Assessment and Partner Strategy Test Market services for entry into the U.S. market. BD Methods worked with the key Dele Health stakeholders to refine the Dele Health Partner strategy and plan which included identifying the prioritized list of strategic OEM and Reseller partners that could most benefit from Dele Health's state of the art fall detection/prevention solution to drive new and add on revenue for their existing U.S. business. The BD Methods team worked directly with Dele Health's CEO, commercial and technical team to recruit and initiate the partner process with OEM and Reseller partners. As a result of early traction and success with the Partners, extended the engagement with BD Methods to provide its Fractional Business Development service.

Cyber Security

zeronorth logo.png

ZeroNorth, a cyber security technology company and developer of the first risk based vulnerability orchestration platform, had a requirement to build a successful channel program in an effort to grow their business through the indirect channel. BD Methods was hired and delivered their entire suite of services. The impact is the creation of a new Channel Program and formalized Partner process that has resulted in a significant increase in sales pipeline generated by the channel. BD Methods accomplished this by identifying, prioritizing and signing regional and national cyber security VARS and executing partnerships with leading technology firms including Optiv and ServiceNow. 

Acquired by 

Harness Logo.png
siriux logo.jpeg

Siriux, a cybersecurity startup, has developed the only Microsoft approved M365 vulnerability platform and needed support with their Channel GTM strategy and execution. BD Methods delivered components of our Partner Strategy and Assessment, Partner Strategy Test Market and Fractional Business Development services to support Siriux’s go forward Partnership strategy. The impact is engagement with leading Microsoft Value Add Distributors, MSSPs and VARs. 

Acquired by 

Vectra logo.png
blackkite logo.png

Black Kite, a cybersecurity startup in the Vendor Risk Management market was looking for some early channel Partner wins to augment their direct sales efforts and to secure their B round. They hired BD Methods to deliver its Fractional Business Development service. Within 2 months BD Methods was able to introduce Black Kite to several major Strategic Partners, MSSPs, GSIs and Security VARS. The impact helped Black Kite jump start its formal channel program and secure a very successful B round financing.


inskill logo.jpeg

inSkill, a startup AI technology company, is engaged with BD Methods to create the go to market strategy for their new Data Driven AI Support Platform. Entering an emerging market requires strategic partnerships that can create the traction for innovative solutions like RevTwo.  BD Methods' deliverables include a GTM Strategy and Plan including a comprehensive prioritized list of potential go to market partners and a recommended partner GTM plan to support RevTwo's business goals . The impact is membership in Microsoft's OCP Program and a listing on the SalesForce AppExchange.

eigen logo.png

Eigen, an AI machine vision startup headquartered in Canada, engaged BD Methods to scale their revenue through the strategic indirect channel. BD Methods provided their full suite of services including: Partner ROI Assessment, Partner Strategy Test Market and Fractional Business Development. The impact of the engagement is very successful Partnerships in the OT SI (e.g.Integro), Hyperscaler (e.g. AWS), Strategic Platform (e.g. Intel) and Hardware Edge Gateway (e.g. Advantech) categories.


FogHorn is a leading developer of “edge intelligence” software for industrial and commercial IoT applications.  Developing a rich partner ecosystem was a key component to Foghorn's overall go to market strategy.  BD Methods' created a GTM Strategy and Plan including a  comprehensive prioritized list of potential go to market partners and a recommended partner GTM plan to support FogHorn's business goals . The impact is a program that covers IIOT Industrial Solution Providers,  IIoT Consultants and SIs,  IIoT Gateway Suppliers including Dell of which FogHorn is a leading member of the Dell IoT Gateway Solutions Program. 

Acquired by 

Johnson Controls logo.png

Attivio, a leader in cognitive search technology, hired BD Methods to build and execute a channel program for Attivio’s Elevate for ServiceNow product. Time to market was of the essence and Attivio enlisted the BD Methods team because of their expertise developing partner programs for technology companies, their ability to quickly scale the learning curve, and their track record for implementing and executing a channel strategy. BD Methods' Fractional Business Development Service quickly yielded pipeline and resulted in several strategic SI partnerships including Accenture that were important components of Attivio's exit to ServiceNow.

Acquired by 

ServiceNow logo.png

Applying Our Proven Methodology
to Accelerate Growth with the
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Our Valued Clients and Partners

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  • 50 years combined experience in partner/channel sales and marketing in technology markets

  • Part of Senior Management Teams for 7 companies that had exits 

  • 20 years Corporate Development experience

  • IoT, AI, Enterprise Search and Cybersecurity Partner Go To Market Expertise ​

  • Proven track record building revenue generating partner/channel programs

    • OEMs, Distribu​tors, Resellers, Technology Integration, Co-Selling

  • 5 years IP Licensing Experience - Licensing Executive Society

  • REM - a documented and proven process for managing successful Partnerships

    • Recruit, Enable, Manage

  • An engagement model that is based on SOWs with real deliverables

  • Happy Clients - References

  • A relevant and current network 


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Chip LeBlanc

Founding Principal

Success and experience representing small and medium technology companies building and revamping their partner/channel programs, ecosystems and go to market strategies. Specialize in identifying, executing and managing strategic go to market partnerships with Global Systems Integrators, Boutique consulting firms, Regional and National resellers, and Technology Providers in many technology markets including IoT, Cyber Security, Healthcare IT Security, Enterprise Search, and Application Development.  Create, negotiate and execute OEM, White Label, VAR, Reseller, and Technology Integration agreements that result in increased lead generation, expanded product capability, broader brand awareness, incremental revenue, and increased valuation. Experienced in Cloud Services sales, subscription licensing, SaaS, PaaS, AI, and Edge computing.

David Canavan

Founding Principal

Success and experience helping pre-revenue, small and medium technology enterprises meet and beat, their Ecosystem and Partner goals. Executive with extensive International, Sales, Business Development, Corporate Development & Marketing experience.  Specialist in building ecosystems and creating revenue generating strategic programs and Partnerships with Telecommunications, Communication Service Providers (CSPs), Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), ISVs, Hardware, Platforms, Consulting and System Integrator (SI) companies in Artificial Intelligence, Call Center, Information Security, M2M, IoT, Remote Service and Mobile Applications.  Experienced in Cloud Services sales, subscription licensing, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS models, Industry 4.0 - Smart Manufacturing - Industrial Internet - IIoT as well as Fog, Edge computing and AI.


Experience with successful IPOs and Mergers and Acquisitions.

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